25 January 2010


ps! before i go to sleep, a quickie pic of the new hair. i have more thoughts to share about the experience tomorrow :]

before! [fondly referred to as mufasa mane]

and after! still getting used to it, but looooving it so far!

pps - this is my usual pose while i'm sitting at the computer, when i'm not typing. just realized that as i sat and thought about this, and sat just like that.


  1. this is so freaking awesome I can even handle it!!!!!!!
    Is your hair asymmetrical?
    I LOVE IT!!!

  2. it is! it's like boy short on one side and longer on the other. it's preeetttyy sweet. maybe one of my favorite things so far about 2010 is this haircut. hahaha ...

  3. I absolutely LOVE the hairstyle.