09 January 2010

my first vlog! [a story about a grant package]

Today was a crazy huge day at my job - a ginormous project left my desk and went to the post office, and this is a video blog about my adventures! I think it's pretty fun :]

katie's vlog - 1.1 from quietworldcreative on Vimeo.


  1. This is SOOOOOOO awesome, I can't even tell you! Katie you are GENIUS!!! I am laughing hysterically while I'm watching you! Thank you SO much for posting this for us to see what your day was like after we left you.

  2. Oh...and CONGRATULATIONS on getting that grant application out the door! You went above and beyond....SERIOUSLY! Thanks for sticking with it. You deserve a medal. But of course you know that costs money...and unless your grant application is accepted and money comes in....we can't give you one. ;) But you really do deserve one!

  3. thanks karen! it was cracking me up as my day went on and my video clips kept going on ... and on ... and on! i really thought it was going to be "hey, me in the office, hey me in the post office, hey party!" and the end! haha. and YES, i SHOULD have included MEDALS AWARDED in my grant request :] thanks for the encouragement! love you!

  4. you totally made us laugh. {although I almost cried when the post office was closed. but then I laughed again when you said, "Sad panda."}

    you totally caused @RandyGarmon to get out of his chair and see what the heck was going on 5 feet over at my desk.

    your musical selection. Ha-larious

    It's official, you are a Brilliant too!

  5. bets - YAY! i cherish my new position as a Brilliant. I'm so glad you can watch my silliness and still wanna claim me :]