12 February 2010

things that have been inspiring me lately [photobooth photos :]]

I'm loving these markers right now: 

I could watch this movie every day until forever:

and masking tape!

and this book!

and a pretty spread in a journal from my lovely friend betsy 

and i'm making good progress on this little list: 

much love on this snowy weekend! xoxo

02 February 2010

january digital journal pages

I'm trying something new with this digital scrapbooking thing, and I have to confess ... I'm addicted. I love scrapbooking/art journaling, but sometimes just getting supplies out is more time than I have. But since I'm almost always mobile, and almost always have my laptop with me, I can find little scraps of time to put spreads together [or like last night - I finished this set while laying in bed and watching a movie at midnight]. I'm liking how this is fitting my life, and helping me learn all-important Photoshop skills!

I learned a lot from this pretty lady: www.shimelle.com
And gathered some supplies [paper backgrounds and stamps] from here: www.twopeasinabucket.com

and most of the supplies I used were by Erica Hernandez.

january - intro

january - family

january - amazing

january - coffee

january spread - create