29 November 2009

olafur arnalds

i still can't get enough of this song, or this video:

Ólafur Arnalds - Ljósið (Official Music Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.

life images

this is a little collection of images from my inspiration file - some things/ideas i want more of in my life in the coming year. what do YOU want?

27 November 2009

late nights

Most nights I go to bed pretty early [10.30-ish, if I make it home from my LIFE that early. This week, I've been eating DINNER at 10.30, which is ridiculous, but beside the point.] These last few weeks, I've been staying up late. I've had this little project pouring out of my pen, and I can't seem to stop it. So I'm going with it! You can see two weeks worth of illustrated sketches over on my flickr. They make me happy :]


20 November 2009

18 November 2009

ooh, i ...


i hate when i do this - work really hard all day, then get to the end of work and think, there's nothing more i want to do in the world than put on sweats, crawl in my huge squishy bed and watch that new-to-me-jeff-daniels-laura-linney movie i just thrifted. but then i think, noooo, you should be productive and accomplish things. but then, on my way to accomplishing things, i'm tired and i get distracted and i end up staying up 'till 11 in an uncomfortable chair watching random interviews on youtube. i would have been happier if i had just gotten in bed like i wanted, instead of talking myself out of it in the name of 'productivity', which i was too tired to even think about in the first place. gah.

i need someone to give me a good 'chill out, relax, go easy on yourself sometimes' talking-to. i also need to go to bed!

things that have been inspiring me today ...

this music video


and this music video


red furniture


this new journal {currently sitting on my desk}


this amazing desk {i'm on a quest for the perfect desk right now. why is it so hard??}

what is inspiring you today?

04 November 2009

back + forth project

there's a new spread posted on the Back&Forth blog :] go check it out!


here's a sneak peek:

03 November 2009

shortcuts + the long way around

My GPS always gives me the shortest route between me and my destination.

No one ever gives you directions for the scenic route.

No one ever chooses to stand in the longest line in the grocery store.


But sometimes, standing in the longest line helps you find the right word. Sometimes, letting your brain ramble around a little, instead of constantly going directly from thought A to thought B gives you better conclusions, more solid theories and stronger images.

Sometimes I feel like taking the long way home in a world that only accepts shortcuts and fast lanes.