31 December 2009


I remember:

*having Harper Lee join our family
*not sleeping much
*going to Sarasota and almost dying
*playing with Royce in concerts
*re-writing every stick of music for The Wizard of Oz
*going on tour with Proskuneo
*being adopted by the Garmons
*starting the back&forth project with Betsy
*almost walking away from everything creative in my life
*starting the Artist's Way with Betsy [noticing a trend here?]
*drinking a lot of coffee
*going to Sarasota again and not almost dying
*being a part of a little something called PWI
*playing Muse @ Water's Edge
*playing music @ Hamilton Mill
*watching good movies
*reading a lot of My Life Is Average
*starting a new job
*starting this blog
*writing a lot of music
*writing a lot of writing
*sketching 'till three in the morning
*having a blanket fort built in my room
*going to the pumpkin farm
*taking a sabbatical after PWI
*going to the beach with the staff team
*being a reaaaalllly good cook
*falling back in love with music
*lots of weddings a lots of babies
*taking a bajillion pictures
*finishing multiple journals
*going to LONDON and basically freaking out about that
*wearing lots of soft clothes
*starting to love my life again

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