21 March 2010

can't get enough [photos from the first day of spring]

I don't know what's changed.

first day of spring: can i marry this bokeh?

but i can't get enough.
not enough food.

first day of spring: an onion

not enough sunshine.

first day of spring: magic hour

not enough coffee, or happiness, or sleep, or greif.
i feel like there is an itch for life inside me that will never be scratched all the way.
i am content, but i feel like i will never have enough.
of life, you know?

first day of spring: writing and reading, and more writing

i feel like i could swallow the moon, and still want more moonlight. i could read every word ever written, and still want to buy more books. 

can't get enough, won't get enough, need to get enough.


  1. Is that a purple onion. Not sure what vegetable it is, but I love how the colors just pop out.

  2. @ashley - i lub you :]

    @peter - it's a red onion! they're not too onion-y, a little on the sweet side. that pic is straight of my camera - i love the colors, as well!