18 November 2009

ooh, i ...


i hate when i do this - work really hard all day, then get to the end of work and think, there's nothing more i want to do in the world than put on sweats, crawl in my huge squishy bed and watch that new-to-me-jeff-daniels-laura-linney movie i just thrifted. but then i think, noooo, you should be productive and accomplish things. but then, on my way to accomplishing things, i'm tired and i get distracted and i end up staying up 'till 11 in an uncomfortable chair watching random interviews on youtube. i would have been happier if i had just gotten in bed like i wanted, instead of talking myself out of it in the name of 'productivity', which i was too tired to even think about in the first place. gah.

i need someone to give me a good 'chill out, relax, go easy on yourself sometimes' talking-to. i also need to go to bed!


  1. Dear QWC, this is your father speaking (imagine deep, stern voice). I know where you get this from and it is not a good thing. Well, it is a good thing when you need to have a plan and get things done, but it is not a good thing when it is time to chill. So this is what I want you to do (deep, stern voice again)...I want you to CHILL OUT, RELAX, GO EASY ON YOURSELF SOMETIMES!!! I mean it. You earned it. Plus, you will be better tomorrow if you allow yourself some down time today. All work and no play makes QWC a dull blogger!

  2. hahahahah, thanks pops! i needed to hear that :]