20 July 2009

culinary adventures

This is the story of how I made the most amazing ice cream in the world. I'll give you a step-by-step and a great link to the recipe!

Step 1: enjoy your last day of vacation and discover an amazing woman and her cooking blog @ thepioneerwoman.com/cooking

Step 2: be sucked in to reading 34 pages of recipes because of her ridiculous pictures.

Step 3: realize that your mouth is watering at the pictures of her homemade blackberry ice cream.

exhibit a:
[photo by pioneer woman]

Step 4: decide to make this unbelievable creation.

Step 5: realize you don't have an ice cream churn. decide to brave WalMart on a Saturday to procure said ice cream churn.

Step 6: upon discovering the Man in the Confederate Flag Button Up With The Sleeves Cut Off, fully regret going to WalMart on a Saturday.

Step 7: unable to find Ice Cream Salt at WalMart, go down the road to the local grocery and find some. Buy a MoonPie just because you can and it's summer and it's right.

Step 8: start makin' ice cream! **

**at this point I should stop and point out that Pioneer Woman is an insane food photographer. Her shots all look incredibly professional and enticing. Mine, taken on the fly with a point-and-shoot, leave so much to be desired.

Step 9: realize that your fancy new ice cream church doesn't require Ice Cream Salt. boo.

Step 10: realize that each step of making ice cream takes longer than you thought. Make some sweet tea (with lime) to enjoy in the mean time.

Step 11: get out chips and salsa to pass the time.

Step 12: browse the internets to pass the time.

Step 13: yes! We're ready to roll. Enjoy the DELICIOUS darkness of these blackberries. Don't worry about how badly they'll stain your counter tops later.

Step 14: Realize that the recipe calls for five egg YOLKS after you've filled your bowl with five egg WHITES. Be grateful you saved the yolks!

Step 15: Get out more bowls and utensils than you think you own.

Step 16: Forfeit the quality of your ice cream to sneak an arty shot while you should be stirring something. Miss your DSLR.

Step 17: Mix some stuff! Enjoy the pretty colors!

Step 18: Forget to take any more photos after this, but go ahead and churn the mix (only took 25 minutes in the new machine!), freeze and ENJOY EVERY BITE. for the real recipe (with a legit step by step), go here.

In all seriousness, though, I've been feeding my culinary spirit lately. I'm really looking forward to cooking for the staff team next week while we're on our retreat. I've been caught up in the world of menu-planning and grocery-list-making, and really enjoying it. Maybe in my next life I'll get to be a chef. For now, I'll just keep drooling over Pioneer Woman's creations.


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