12 February 2010

things that have been inspiring me lately [photobooth photos :]]

I'm loving these markers right now: 

I could watch this movie every day until forever:

and masking tape!

and this book!

and a pretty spread in a journal from my lovely friend betsy 

and i'm making good progress on this little list: 

much love on this snowy weekend! xoxo


  1. I love you so much :)

    I know how weird this sounds, but it must be said...you have the prettiest lips EVER! The masking tape picture caused me to say that... ;)
    You're just beautiful :)

  2. you know whats funny? when i was a baby people would tell my mom all the time that i had beautiful lips, ahaha.

    i like them a lot :] mom calls them angelina jolie lips. so yay! thanks for reminding me i'm beautiful. i think you are pretty much amazing. i needed to hear that today :] remember when we lived together? and we would whisper in the hallway until very late at night? happy days :] i love you!

  3. I do indeed remember that :)
    I was talking to my mom about that just the other day :)
    I especially loved when I would come in and there would be a Katie Holley note either on my dry erase board or in my room somewhere :)

    I love you BIGGER! :)