04 August 2009


i have a really hard time living in the present.


  1. ohmygosh katie .. this sounds so neat...
    can't wait to see what you send her back..
    she said "new" friend.. where and when did the
    two of you meet.. also.. what is your next or ongoing dfforts with Proskuneo ?? loved the beach chots from mexico beach..
    looking forward to hearing from you >>

  2. hey aunt jackie!

    this is the 23,234,668th time i've tried to post this comment. oh blogspot.

    we met earlier this year - i worked on a musical that two of her kids were in. we've been friends ever since we met, and are now collaborating on this. we're also in a small artists' group together with another of her friends; we're working through a book on creative process. so so good.

    proskuneo is good - dreaming for 2010 right now :] so fun! can't wait to see what next year brings.

    love you a.j.! thanks for reading my little blog!